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Windows 11 upgrade: Background Blur and Content Search are here


Windows 11, a feature-rich operating system, is on the verge of a significant upgrade that promises enhanced functionality.

One of the notable improvements comes to the Snipping Tool, a long-serving screenshot utility. With the introduction of “Text Actions,” users can now extract and manipulate text directly from screenshots, eliminating the need for manual typing. This functionality is meant to boost efficiency, particularly for handling information within images.

The “Quick Redact” feature is another valuable addition to the Snipping Tool, enabling users to hide sensitive information within screenshots more easily. This does away with awkwardly scribbling over confidential data while enhancing privacy and usability.

Windows 11’s integration with the Phone Link feature extends the collaboration between Android devices and PCs, streamlining syncing processes for a more seamless user experience.

Shifting focus to the Photos app, Microsoft responds to user feedback with a substantial makeover. The addition of a “Background Blur” option enhances creative control, allowing users to make subjects stand out by blurring the background. Customizable blur intensity and selective area blurring provide more options for users.

The Photos app’s “Content Search” feature represents an improvement in photo organization. Leveraging intelligent image detection, this capability scans and labels photos with searchable tags, allowing users to search based on content and location across various platforms, including OneDrive and even Apple’s iCloud, ensuring inclusivity for iPhone users.

While the removal of the Video Editor feature in Windows 10 Photos app disappointed some users, in their press release for the changes, Microsoft hints at a potential return of video editing functions. The reference to “Edit and Create Video options” being easily accessible suggests a possible comeback of video editing capabilities, though specifics are yet to be confirmed.

Microsoft is showing continual improvement and an effort to cater to user needs and preferences. These enhancements should improve the interface and streamline some tasks for you and your staff.

If you’re looking for help with Window’s 11—or any operating system for that matter—get in touch with us. We do this stuff every day and are ready to help.