Do you have a product or service that you believe we would be interested in?

Help us work with you!

We receive an average of 3-4 vendor calls per day - hence this page.

If you would like to reach out to us, continue reading.

Prospective vendors:

  • We do not change our stack quickly or on a whim. Changes are forecast 12 months out minimum.
  • Value must be brought to the table.
  • Our primary focus during the day are our clients.


To propose a product, service or other tool to us - please do the following:

in an email - send us the following items. We don't need a long email - bullet point is best!
  • Your company URL
  • Your contact info
  • Your pricing structure/or a sample price (note the price must be a regular price - not a "time limited" price)
  • Any onboarding/sign up fees
  • Any term commitments required (note, we do not generally sign for anything longer than month to month)
  • A YouTube video on your product. If you don't have this, please attach a whitepaper PDF or a link to a short summary page.
  • How long your company has been in business, if it is wholly owned or a subsidiary (including if funded by VC)
  • How long this product has been in general availability.
  • What country you are located in, where your development team is located and where your data is housed.
    • You can send this email to our Operations Director, Jennifer Williams -
    • Please ensure that you email only to the above address - please do not call - we are focussed on our clients!


What we will do from here:

  1. We will read your email
  2. We will file your email
  3. We keep a list of prospective vendors for future projects and new market changes
  4. We will review the list semi-annually for prospective fit when our stack rebuild meetings happen
  5. We do always like to have alternatives on file