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Where are the weaknesses in your cyber security?


You know those horror flicks where the main character has barricaded himself inside their house, locked the doors and windows, maybe has a weapon at the ready? He hears a noise in the basement, and you’re thinking Don’t go down there! Of course, they do.

And mayhem ensues, as they say.

That is the predicament some businesses in Victoria, BC, are in with their cybersecurity.

Security software? Check.
Multi-factor authentication, air-tight backup systems, encryption? Check, check, check.
Cyber-resilient staff trained up? You bet.

What a number of these businesses neglect is detection and response. This means looking for ways a cyber-criminal might sneak past the defences and strike the business.

While prevention of cyberattacks is obviously important, detecting the attack from the inside is arguably just as important.

Why fortify your house when there could be intruders already inside? 

How confident are you in the security measures you have in place for your small business? Have you considered the fallout of losing sensitive information to a data breach? Even with tight security, businesses still experience cyberattacks that can halt business for days or worse.

Crime never sleeps, right? And this is especially so with cybercriminals. If your business has grown to the point where you feel you can no longer monitor the myriad ways these bad actors operate, it may be time to reinforce your security detail.

A robust defence includes prevention and detection, so give us a call and we can talk through some of the issues your business may be facing.


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