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What We Know about Windows 12

Happy first anniversary Windows 11! Thanks for your service, we’re replacing you.

That rumour you’ve heard about Windows 12 is true, and we’ve got an inside track on what it may look like.

Before you throw your Windows 11 out the … well, window … keep in mind that a launch date for Windows 12 is sketchy right now.

This is what we know:

  • Codename: Next Valley
  • Launch date: Winter 2024? 

Microsoft likely doesn’t know how it will be laid out yet, but a few leaks have offered an indication of the early stages.

It looks like a floating task bar and an oval search bar will take top centre position, and the Action Centre and widgets panel will join them up there.

Hardware upgrades may be necessary as Microsoft is keen to provide tight security, but new PCs will be built to onboard the new operating system efficiently whenever it is launched. Let’s just assume that Microsoft learned from the Windows 11 launch and won’t repeat the same mistakes.

One new feature may be minor improvements, called “Moments,” every quarter or so in future Windows versions. However, the ultimate goal is to launch a bug-free, secure Windows 12.

We’re keeping our eyes open for updates and will pass them on as soon as we hear more.

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