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Upgrade to the new Microsoft Teams for seamless business


Depending on your definition of “exciting,” there are exciting developments underway with Microsoft’s latest update to Teams, the versatile platform for video conferences, collaboration and chats. Think of it as the revamped superhero of apps, offering a faster and more streamlined user experience for both Windows and Mac users.

In the midst of our busy professional lives, who wouldn’t appreciate a bit of efficiency?

So, what’s the lowdown on this new iteration of Teams? Imagine your trusty classic, but now it’s twice as swift, thanks to a considerable speed boost. It’s not just about speed—Teams has also undergone a bit of a trim, using up to 50% less memory and disk space.

It’s a lean, mean collaboration machine!

Microsoft took a thoughtful approach to the redesign, aiming for simplicity and flexibility. The result? Teams now integrates more seamlessly with third-party apps, expands its reach for phone calls and gets you into meetings promptly—because who has time for never-ending meetings?

A neat addition to the tech repertoire is Teams’ ability to share resources with your browser, making it a more efficient multitasker. Preliminary tests show impressive results, with Teams now loading the app, joining meetings and switching between chats and channels at double the speed. And the good news extends to both Windows and Mac users.

But this update isn’t just about surface-level improvements. Microsoft assures us it will increase productivity for small- and medium-sized businesses. They’ve refined the user interface, introducing practical features like “mark all as read” in Activity. Plus, they’ve unveiled Copilot, an AI assistant capable of summarizing key points from your chats and calls; it’s like your digital sidekick without the coffee runs.

Ready to make the switch to the new and improved Teams? It’s happening right now. Simply check the top left corner of your Teams app; if you see “Try the new Teams,” go ahead and explore the enhanced features.

If navigating this tech evolution for your business feels daunting, Victoria, BC’s own Robertson Technology Group Ltd. is here to assist. Feel free to reach out for expert support as we embrace the future of collaboration, one Teams upgrade at a time.