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Spice up your Teams meetings with avatars


How do you make a video call more fun? You could count the times the CEO’s cat strolls by in the background or try to read the book spines on the accountant’s bookshelf. Is that a vegan cookbook?

Or you could send your custom avatar.

Our friends at Microsoft are always looking out for you, so they’ve began testing Mesh avatars in the Teams environment.

Soon, you’ll be able to design and personalize your own avatar to represent you. The best part is you won’t even have to turn your camera on!

Many of us are tired of long meetings where we spend so much time on camera. It’s to the point that jumping on yet another video call actually causes anxiety and stress.

An avatar can’t take that stress away, but it can add a little fun to the mix.

You’ll be able to soup up your Metaverse avatar in the Avatars app from the Microsoft Teams app store, so there’s no need for any extra equipment.

The Metaverse—a three-dimensional virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment—is touted as the next big thing. Just the sheer number of Metaverse developer jobs available in our little town of Victoria, BC, will tell you how fast this new world is growing.

So your avatar is going to be just one more way you can interact in this new world.

It may seem amazing that we’ll work in a virtual world in the near future. But twenty years ago, it was also hard to believe someone could hold a video call from the beach in Mexico.

It’s just another element of an exciting, ever-changing world.

The custom avatar is still in beta mode, but release is imminent. We’ll update you know when we know more.

Perhaps it’s time to make video calls a little more fun. Maybe avatars are the answer?

We’ve got some ideas about how to liven up work, so get in touch.