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Microsoft Teams promises AI-Powered efficiency and convenience


Microsoft is taking a significant step forward by introducing an “AI library” within Microsoft Teams. This development aims to provide tangible benefits for business communication and productivity by leveraging AI technology.

Microsoft aims to empower developers to seamlessly incorporate Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT into their Teams applications. Theoretically, this means that businesses could tap into AI capabilities during Teams meetings to enhance the communication and decision-making processes.

The AI library offers developers a comprehensive set of code functionalities, making it easier for them to integrate LLMs into their applications. This simplification boasts an effortless creation of Bots, Message Extensions and Adaptive Cards, with a goal to enhance the quality of conversations and interactions within Teams.

Microsoft reports that this AI library will not disrupt existing functionalities and will assist in the smooth transition of current Bots, Message Extensions and Adaptive Cards into the Teams environment. This provides developers an opportunity to optimize their existing AI solutions to leverage the new platform.

In addition to this latest development, Microsoft had introduced GPT-4 integration through its Copilot tool in March 2023. This tool can streamline various tasks, such as composing emails and generating reports, and showcases some practical applications of AI technology.

Microsoft also recently unveiled AI tools that generate meeting notes, suggest follow-up actions and provide timeline markers for rapid access to relevant parts of a call.

We think it’s about time. It’s 2023 for goodness sakes.

Taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence in business is not solely about convenience; every ounce of efficiency we can squeeze allows us to concentrate on our widget, which is the reason we do all this.

With the introduction of the AI library, businesses have an opportunity to test whether their communication and productivity increases through the integration of AI technology within Microsoft Teams.

If you think it’s worth a try in your small business and you’d like some help integrating it, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to guide you through the process.