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Microsoft and Samsung team up to secure your business mobile


Imagine you’re wrapping up a late-night project at a local co-working space. You pack up, head home, and it’s not until you reach your front door that you realize your work phone is missing. Your heart sinks as your mind conjures an image of it sitting on the conference table. You know it’s not just a phone; it’s a treasure trove of confidential emails, client data and business plans. The thought of that information falling into the wrong hands makes you break out in a cold sweat.

Fear not, for there’s a security breakthrough on the horizon designed to keep our mobile business vaults safer than ever. Microsoft and Samsung are joining forces to introduce an exceptional feature that levels-up mobile security in the workplace. This feature, known as “on-device attestation,” serves as your phone’s personal security guard. It lets businesses identify if any part of a mobile device—even the deep-rooted, core components—has been compromised.

What makes this feature stand out? It’s designed to work without the need for network connectivity—the security system functions whether you’re connected to high-speed internet downtown or in a remote corner of Vancouver Island with sketchy signal. This independence is particularly beneficial for local businesses in Victoria, BC, that operate across diverse locations.

The best of both worlds, Samsung brings its cutting-edge hardware and software technologies to the table, while Microsoft contributes its rich expertise in endpoint management. This security feature will be incorporated into Microsoft Intune, a unified service that manages both corporate and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. The feature will initially roll out for select Samsung Galaxy devices, particularly those under the “Secured by Knox” label.

So the next time you’re finishing up work remotely, entertaining clients at The Drake or brainstorming in a cabin on Jordan River, you can rest easy. Thanks to this collaboration between Microsoft and Samsung, your work phone—essentially a vault of precious business data—is now more secure than ever.

If you want to talk about how to incorporate this into your workflow, get in touch. We do this stuff every day.