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Mastering your work schedule with Google Calendar’s latest update


Google’s latest calendar update brings a simple yet powerful solution for streamlining your hybrid work routine.

Waaaaaay back in 2021, Google enabled us to share our work locations, which was great information for colleagues. Now they’ve upgraded it by allowing you to set multiple locations on your calendar. Seems like a no-brainer now that so many of us skip from home to the office to meetings.

Let’s say you are starting the day debugging code at your kitchen table and ending it at the data centre, wrestling with servers. With Google’s slick new feature, your colleagues will know precisely when you’re in the virtual trenches and when you’re at the hardware hustle.

This feature comes neatly wrapped in a Workspace account, covering options like Google Workspace Business, Enterprise, and Education, as well as non-profits and the Teaching and Learning upgrade. Sorry, personal accounts—you’re not getting the VIP pass just yet.

Just a note that this location-sharing setting is on by default, so go take a gander at your settings. Turning it off just takes a few clicks.

Balancing the virtual and physical realms is now more of a choose your own adventure, and it’s all about keeping you connected, smoothing out the bumps in your workflow and giving you the reins.

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