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Make your business more secure today



Have you ever wondered what the minimum security needs for your business are? Here’s a few easy ways to make your network more secure today.

You have many options, but any security tool must be the right fit for the business. Of course, different tools have their own job. Some keep cybercriminals out; others detect an attack and take action.

“Firewall” is probably a word you’ve heard quite often in this context. That’s because it’s the most common tool used to prevent cyberattacks. Essentially, a firewall blocks unauthorized access to your network while permitting outward communication. It is the first layer of security a criminal should run into.

Although it seems basic, a password manager could be the difference between a cyberperp busting into your network or trying an easier target. A password manager stores and manages passwords, but the real beauty of this simple tool is that it generates near impossible passwords to guess.

If you or your staff need access to the network remotely, we suggest you consider a virtual private network (VPN). It allows private access to the network from home, Tim Hortons or wherever. This is especially important if employees are using public wi-fi where their online activity can be watched.

This is the minimum we recommend, but there’s many ways to layer security. Education is the best tool, so check out our recent posts on multi-factor authentication (MFA) and how to assess your company’s cyberattack resilience.

We know this stuff inside and out, so contact us to set up a security plan that is right for your business.