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LinkedIn to begin account verification


Any thoughts on the Twitter account verification process? I’m sure you have some.

But before you inundate our email with profanity, be assured that this isn’t what this blog is about. Instead, we’re talking about LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned business- and employment-focused social media app.

The buttoned-down Facebook of the business world is a great tool for connecting with colleagues, prospective clients, jobs and work-focused inspiration. But, as with any social platform these days, there are increasingly more fake accounts.

It’s the same ole story unfortunately. Bots and AI-generated deepfakes are tricking the rest of us Honest Abes into parting with personal information, passwords and all manner of sensitive information.

Of course, these fakes look real and seem to be legit, which is what makes them so dangerous.

Just think about how much information you’ve inputted on LinkedIn to build your profile and credibility. Job history, phone numbers, education; so much that can be used for nefarious purposes!

That’s why LinkedIn is teaming up with the identity verification platform CLEAR to secure official accounts. Verifying your identity with CLEAR is pretty easy, but it does mean creating yet another account with a company that will store your data. So that’s something to take into account.

LinkedIn is beta testing this in the States, but it won’t be long until we see it in our little corner of the west coast of BC.

Unlike the Musky Twitter verification debacle, the LinkedIn verification process will be free, so we can probably be assured that businesses aren’t buying authenticity. Phew!

We’re experts in cybersecurity, so if you have questions about keeping your information safe on any of the social media platforms, get in touch with us. We’d love to walk you through the process.