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It’s Time to Forget Your Password


Sometimes I like to think about how history will view us humble humans of Victoria in 2023. One of the things our ancestors of 2122 might see is the average person spending 10.9 hours per year typing in and/or changing passwords.

I can feel their judgement already.

Here’s another one: a quick internet search revealed that the most popular passwords in 2022 were “123456” and “qwerty”.


Well, we’re beginning to evolve away from passwords and even password managers. Big tech, namely the holy trinity (Apple, Google and Microsoft), is throwing its weight behind passkeys.

A passkey is like a master key for your devices. The “key” is your biometrics, so if you sign into your devices using a thumbprint or facial recognition, you’re already using it. 

Passkeys should be impossible to hack because there’s only one you. And it shouldn’t be possible to trick someone into giving up their passkey either, so it looks like inefficient password entry will be a thing of the past.

An added feature is that passkeys are end-to-end encrypted, so, theoretically, not even Microsoft could access your account within their own software.

This is the coming generation of security, and as the technology proves itself and gains traction, the larger password management companies will get on board and accelerate the pace of adoption.

So it likely won’t be long until we can purposely forget our myriad passwords. Kind of liberating, eh?

The enhanced security is the best part, and you can spend that extra 10.9 hours a year per employee growing your business and serving your customers better.

We’ve got lots of ideas about how to keep your business secure in 2023, so get in touch for a chat.