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Exploring Microsoft Paint’s AI Upgrade for Graphic Creativity


Microsoft Paint, that nostalgic drawing tool from our past, is making a comeback with a substantial upgrade in Windows 11.

The spotlight is on artificial intelligence (AI).

The noteworthy addition is the integration of Dall-E 3 support, now known as Cocreator, a feature previously seen in Bing AI. Cocreator allows users to describe an image, choose an art style and generate an image accordingly. Of course, most AI-generated content requires tweaks, but think of how much time you could save.

Apparently Cocreator really impressed users in Bing Chat, so it has been transitioned to Microsoft Paint in Windows 11 and is now available to all users after the conclusion of the testing phase.

Paint has also seen notable improvements, including a transparency effect, layers, and background removal. These enhancements extend to Microsoft’s core Windows 11 apps.

Curious about how these updates can benefit your business? Imagine more easily creating custom graphics for presentations, social media posts, videos—you name it. While Cocreator doesn’t replace the expertise of a graphic designer, it can simplify the design process, thereby saving time and money.

Excited to try it out and explore the new features? Ensure your system is updated with Windows 11. If Cocreator isn’t visible yet, don’t worry—it’s on its way. Keep your Paint app current and consider signing up if Microsoft suggests joining a waiting list.

Microsoft Paint in Windows 11 is evolving into a more powerful graphic design tool with the introduction of AI features. If you’d like some help integrating these features into your small business’ work flow, contact us!