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Experience a Digital Breakfast Upgrade with Windows 11 “Moment 5”


Windows 11 is getting some upgrades. So in honour of Farmhouse Breakfast Week, a celebration cooked up by some corporate behemoth that is trying to sell you something, picture Microsoft’s latest operating system as a carefully crafted breakfast.

The upcoming “Moment 5” (a.k.a., The February 24 Moment) update is like a chef’s thoughtful additions to the “most important meal of the day.” Microsoft plans on returning to yearly updates from here on, so there won’t be a line-up of new features as often.

Accessibility features are essential ingredients that ensure a balanced start. Like your favourite barista, Moment 5 enriches this blend by expanding Voice Access, introducing “voice shortcuts,” and enhancing the Narrator. These are nuanced flavours that add to the overall experience.

Microsoft has customized the menu by allowing the removal of certain in-box apps, like Photos, Edge, and Camera. This move caters to individual preferences, offering the simplicity small- and medium-sized businesses require.

Speaking of simplicity, Notepad, the toast and coffee of the operating system, gains a character count feature and an "Edit with Notepad" shortcut, offering a quicker way to handle specific tasks. It’s like ordering a cortado and avocado toast instead.

Sometimes it’s fun to share our sugar-cured bacon, so Microsoft has introduced the Nearby Share feature, which is like AirDrop on the Mac O/S.

The Windows Search pane is a dynamic tool, and with the Moment 5 update, it becomes more flexible. It’s like allowing users to choose their preferred ingredients or toppings, such as third-party search providers.

The collaborative tool Copilot becomes more versatile. It integrates into the Windows ALT+TAB menu, ensuring easy access, much like eating cake in the morning and calling it a muffin.

The Widgets Board serves as a display of various offerings. Users can now disable Microsoft News integration, choosing a widget-only layout. Third-party news services act as new additions to the menu, creating plugins to integrate with the Widgets Board, providing more variety for users.

Windows Spotlight is like the fancy tablecloth, and it changes to display Bing’s background of the day, bringing a fresh visual appeal to the morning table.

As this breakfast metaphor is stretched ever thinner, one of the most interesting and functional changes is that users will be able to use a stylus to write into text boxes throughout the O/S. It means you won’t need a special tool, like a spatula?, any longer. Sorry, I tried.

Moment 5 enriches the user experience of Windows 11, bringing enhancements to accessibility, user-friendliness and versatility, creating a satisfying morning routine for users, including businesses seeking a more tailored and efficient digital breakfast.

If you’re wondering about how to include Windows 11 in your SMB’s diet, get in touch with us for some advice. We’d be happy to help cook something up for you!