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Do your productivity tools waste more time than they save?


Consistent productivity is the foundation of a sustainable small- or medium-sized business. Your software that automates or streamline processes needs to match that mission.

There are a few challenges to consider when implementing these tools.

Without proper advice in the purchasing stage and training after roll-out, these tools can actually end up wasting more time—and money—than they save. Frustrating all around.

How many times have you worked with someone who used in-house software a completely different way than you did? Ever created workarounds because the tool didn’t “work” properly? We all do it, and chances are your staff do too. 

This could mean a few things. First, off, are you sure the tools are even useful? Did you choose the correct one?

To solve this problem, some businesses simply bury their heads in the sand—they avoid it. This is understandable, but it means they could be left behind. It’s also a disservice to your employees.

We find that a little information goes a long way.

When our clients complain that productivity tools aren’t “working” properly, we often find they didn’t have enough information to make the best choice.

Once a business grows to more than a few employees, it usually needs to call in help from experts. Productivity tools are only effective if they suit the business. They’re also only as good as the training the employees receive.

Your first-year business books will tell you that finding the right solutions to productivity problems is vital. AI-based solutions will become more available, so those businesses that don’t keep up may find it difficult to retain market share.

We can diagnose the productivity challenges a business is having. That way we can identify the best tools to solve that problem and train employees to use it properly. This creates a more confident and efficient workforce.

When you’re researching the benefits of productivity software, keep in mind that one size doesn’t fit all. 

We do this every day, so drop us a line to explore your options.