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Cybersecurity in 2023 and Beyond

In the interconnected world of 2023, cybersecurity is a critical concern for small to medium businesses across Canada. With the rapid pace of technological advancement, it's never been more important for companies to invest in reducing risk and ensuring their digital environments are secure. But what does that mean in practical terms, and how can small businesses keep up with the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape?

One of the most effective strategies for businesses today is outsourcing their cybersecurity to dedicated experts. Companies like Robertson Technology Group provide managed technology security and support solutions, tailor-made for businesses ranging from 5 to 200 employees. They help alleviate the burden of technology management, allowing professional handling of systems without the need for on-site staff.

Over the next nine days, we will explore key topics in cybersecurity that every small to medium business should understand:

  1. Security Solutions Every Business Must Have
  2. Network Security Recommendations for Small Businesses
  3. Best Practices in the Age of Remote Work
  4. Password Management Tips for Small Business
  5. Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Your Business
  6. Everything Small Businesses Need to Know About VPNs
  7. Best Practices for Cybersecurity Training
  8. Protect Your Data with a Phishing Test
  9. Advantages of Outsourcing Your Company's Cybersecurity

Each article will delve deep into these themes, highlighting how businesses can protect themselves against cyber threats. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you, our readers, can confidently navigate the world of cybersecurity, reducing risk and securing your business's digital landscape.

For companies like those based in Victoria, BC, staying ahead of the curve in cybersecurity isn't just about staying secure; it's about fostering trust with your customers, demonstrating that their data, and by extension, their trust in your company, is well placed.

At Robertson Technology Group, we're here to provide innovative and secure solutions to these critical concerns. We're local, we understand the needs of small to medium businesses, and we're committed to working with you rather than forcing you to work with us. As we look to the future, we're excited about new initiatives like AI analysis of security risks, enhancing our ability to determine risk levels and appropriately triage situations. Our personalized customer service and customizable pricing structure ensure that we find the best combination and package that works for your business, all across Canada. Our mission is to provide exceptional experiences while safeguarding your business. Consider outsourcing your cybersecurity to us, your dedicated experts in the field.