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Can Zoom challenge Microsoft Teams?

Zoom wants to be the new teams


Zoom has become an indispensable video call tool for many businesses in Victoria, BC, over the last few years. Along with Microsoft Teams and Slack, Zoom was uniquely positioned to keep people connected during the dark days of the pandemic.

Millions now rely on it every day.

Microsoft Teams is the industry leader because of how well it integrates within the Microsoft 365 environment and how easy it is to use. It’s intuitive and doesn’t leave you guessing when on a video call.

To compete, Zoom has developed an array of new collaboration and business tools to chase the top dogs. Look for Zoom email and calendar integration, enhanced chat and connectivity tools for meetings, and some interesting AI integrations. Zoom Spots will be a sort of virtual common room for remote and hybrid workers to pop in and out of through the day, so it appears the company best known for video conferencing is testing the waters of full integration.

The true test of these slick new features is their overall reliability, of course, so we’re curious to see how Zoom supports them and ensures second-to-none security. It remains to be seen, and we won’t recommend it to our clients until we’re satisfied Zoom is on top of those crucial elements.

Microsoft Teams is the industry leader for a reason, and the updates they release almost weekly keep them in the top spot. We’ll keep our eye on these new Zoom elements and offer updates when they become available.

We can give you advice on the most effective tools to integrate into your business, so contact us for a quick chat about your next steps.



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