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Banish Embarrassing Video Call Pop-ups for Good


Picture yourself in the middle of an important video call, presenting your project updates with confidence. Suddenly, a notification pops up—your partner reminding you, not so subtly, about the morning's household mishaps or, perhaps more awkwardly, a nudge from your gym about your recent absence. It’s more than a little embarrassing.

Many professionals share the challenge of maintaining a polished, professional image on video calls, all while silently dreading that an untimely pop-up might take centre stage. Thankfully, solutions are being developed to tackle just this issue. Microsoft, for instance, is reportedly working on an innovative feature that could shield us from these potentially cringe-inducing moments.

Imagine a scenario where you could make certain apps completely invisible during your Microsoft Teams calls. No more cringing over notifications that interrupt your flow. This would allow you to bid farewell to unwanted disturbances from messaging apps or any other reminders that you prefer to keep private.

So, how is this expected to work? Unlike the existing solution that simply minimizes apps to the taskbar, Microsoft’s proposed feature aims to make them vanish from your screen entirely, preventing any unexpected pop-up embarrassments. This approach not only promises to save your face during meetings but also enhances your device’s performance. By relegating these apps to the background, your computer can allocate more resources to the task at hand—ensuring smoother, uninterrupted video communication.

This development could be a game changer for anyone who’s had to hurriedly close apps and browser tabs to preserve the quality of their video feed. With this new feature, the focus remains squarely on your meeting’s content, free from technical glitches or social faux pas.

Although this feature is still under consideration, its potential is clear. We’ll be closely monitoring the official Microsoft 365 roadmap for updates and will make sure to keep you informed about any new developments.

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