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Are your business smartphones secure?


Here’s a fun thought experiment: List the top five apps you use on your phone. Now consider the private information you’ve put into those apps. Photos, banking details, contact information, confidential messages.

What could a cybercriminal do with that information?

Let’s ratchet up the pressure a little. What if that phone is used for work? Well, Sally Cybercriminal then has direct access to corporate email, contacts, the business network, all of it.

This is not meant to scare but to remind to keep security as tight on business smartphones as you would on company computers.

Having said that, phones get stolen or lost all the time. That means sensitive information is at risk. But there are some simple security precautions you can take to protect that data.

The easiest and quickest way is to ensure phones are always running the most up to date software. Also, keeping apps current means that any holes in security are tightly patched when they appear.

If staff are using company phones or their own for business, ensure they are using a PIN and/or a biometric login (fingerprint, face scan, etc.) to access the phone.

In addition, ensure employees are using authentic software on trustworthy apps. 

If your company uses apps that store even small amounts of in-house data, another easy step is to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA). This means a user must present two or more pieces of evidence (or authentication) in order to access the app.

You might also consider using a virtual private network (VPN) if you or your staff connect to public wi-fi. This adds extra security that shields the device from prying eyes that may be trolling public networks.

Because we all use our phones for so many day-to-day tasks it’s easy to forget they are a treasure trove of information—both personal and business. Ongoing education is the best way to keep them and your sensitive company information safe.

We’re experts in this field, and we’ve helped many small- and medium-sized companies in Victoria, BC, keep their data safe. So if you’re looking to further protect your business from the nogoodniks, give us a call.