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6.5 Simple and Quick Tips to Faster Small Business Computers


Slow computers at your SMB (small- and medium-sized business) could be costing you money. It’s like they’re lazing on the beach, taking the vacation that you want to take!

Well, before you spring for expensive replacements, let’s explore some practical tips to boosting Windows 10 and 11 performance.

It’s like getting them beach-ready!

Just like preparing for a relaxing beach vacation, getting your SMB computers in shape requires a little effort but can make a big difference.

Here, then, are 6.5 tips to set you on the right path. Why 6.5? Well, you’ll see when we get there.

  1. Give it a Fresh Start: Just like taking a refreshing dip in the ocean, sometimes all computers need is a good restart. Shutting down and restarting devices clears out cluttered processes and can work wonders for speed.
  2. Manage Startup Apps: Think of the startup apps as beach gear cluttering up your suitcase. Small businesses only need the essentials! Head over to Settings > Apps > Startup and disable unnecessary apps. This will streamline each employee’s startup process, saving precious time and resources.
  3. Disable Restartable Apps: Imagine if every time you took a break from sunbathing, someone rearranged your beach setup. That's what restartable apps do to each computer in the office. Turn off this feature in Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options to keep your system running smoothly.
  4. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps: Do you leave wet beach towels in your bag? Removing unused apps is like clearing them out because it frees up space and resources on the computer. Head to Settings > Apps > Installed apps and bid farewell to anything you don’t need.
  5. Update Your Drivers: Just as you wouldn't want a deflated beach ball, outdated drivers can lead to performance issues. Check for updates regularly to keep everything running smoothly.
  6. Clean Up Your Files: Much like picking up trash on the beach, regularly cleaning up files can improve the computer’s performance. Have each staff member delete temporary files, clear their browser cache and organize their folders to keep things tidy.

6.5. Upgrade Your Hardware: OK, so Tip 6.5 actually involves purchasing something, which is why it is only a half tip. If staff computers are still struggling after these optimizations, it might be time for a hardware upgrade. Consider adding more RAM or switching to a solid-state drive (SSD) for faster performance.

Remember, just like a beach vacation, maintaining your office computers’ performance requires regular care and attention. These tips can ensure that your SMB computers run smoothly and efficiently, which will empower your staff to be more productive. If you want to discuss any of these tips, give us a call. We’re here to help.