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Should I share sensitive data over Teams?

Your employees can now link up with their colleagues and collaborate dependably no matter where they are.

 And Microsoft Teams is one of the most useful tools to make that connectivity smooth and easy.

 But there’s no free lunch, right?

Working remotely invites significant security concerns—especially if employees aren’t working on company-issued hardware because it is difficult to ensure it is secure.

 A leading security company recently released a study that discovered around 45% of Team users send confidential and critical information frequently over the app.

 Scarier still is that 51% of users admitted to sending sensitive information when using a personal device and almost half said they had mistakenly transferred information they shouldn’t have, and maybe even to the incorrect person!

 So, should you ban sharing important company information over Teams? Of course not, that would defeat the purpose.

 Instead, educate employees at all levels of your business—from the mail room to the C-Suite.

 This isn’t just a problem somewhere else.

 There are too many stories of businesses in Victoria and around BC that have fallen victim to ransomware attacks, so it pays to implement strong defences to isolate your business correspondence now.

 Although we all trust Teams, employees must be made aware of the security issues and guided towards using company-issued devices as often as possible.

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